You Never Know Who’s Actually Reading Your Blog

A poorly written blog makes you look bad on so many levels.  It doesn’t matter if your blog is on jellybean flavors or international affairs, if there are grammatical issues you’re done!  With that in mind, you should treat your blog post like you would a resume or cover letter for the job of your dreams.  Your resume is a selling tool for yourself just like that blog post is for your career.

So what seems to be the most important rule when creating a blog??  Editing!  But not just editing…  I think you need to add the word polish as well.  Editing for spelling and grammar of course but adding that coat of polish to a piece that you’re putting out for any and all to see is just so crucial.

This advice is coming from someone who is not a professional writer and I’ve never blogged a minute in my life.  BUT, I know I’m on to something.  I can only use my current knowledge base to refer to and right now I’m trolling through hundreds of applications for a job I need to fill.  First I start with the resume.  I look for a clean format, appropriate spacing, font that’s legible and I can’t stand when people use odd colors.  As soon as I hit a spelling error or something that’s off…I’m done.  If they make it past my resume test, the cover letter is next.  I look at the date to make sure it’s correct and whom they address the letter to.  Also, if the person has taken the time to look at the position and the company then I’d say they would get to the first interview stage.  Correlate that to someone who’s reading your blog.  In the world we live in, it’s takes a lot to grab someone’s attention.  Once you’ve got them to your page, why screw it up with stupid mistakes?  Why lose your chance at that one reader who might start reading your blog religiously?


Here are the tips I see as most important for blogging (or the perfect resume):

  • Have someone else edit your work.  You need to have an extra set of eyes on the document because you’re rarely going to catch your own mistakes.  You could pay someone to do it, or your mom might be the next best.  She’s got your best interest at heart.
  • Take your time to truly polish the work.  Sometimes things sound funny or impressive one day and then suck the next day when you reread your work.
  • Have a true and deep-down love for what you’re blogging about.  That’s the only way you’ll come off as being authentic.  If you’re trying to create a following, you need to have passion.
Alt Stages of Blogging

Again, this is all coming from a complete novice but if you read the tips again you’ll see that they will work for blogging but maybe even landing that dream job too.

The articles in this week’s reading were incredibly enlightening for me.  The article on all the things not to do,  34 Things You’re Doing Wrong, made me realize that there’s a lot more to know about this than I’d originally thought.  But again, it’s all about how much you want to put into it.  And/or how successful do you want to be.



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