Reflection on Creating a Content Strategy

Man was I freaked out when you said you were going to put someones real life business in my hands. Maybe I take things too serious or just really like to do things well but it seemed like an incredibly big task. What gave me motivation to do a good job on this is the fact that after meeting Jessica and Carmen is they are the cutest damn people I’ve met in a long time. Walking into their store is like walking into their home. They cherish this business and it is in their blood. Carmen has been around a long time and really knows what he’s doing. He and Jessica have this cute love-hate relationship that I’m sure any dad and grown daughter have especially working together all day long

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This is the first class where I had the opportunity to have real world experience. It brings on a whole new level of pressure that I haven’t had in other classes. Many undergrad classes force you into these pretend situations, which although give a person an idea as to how it will be there is nothing compared to the real thing. Enabling a student to get this type of experience is invaluable.

I can’t tell you how many times I told my boyfriend that I was nuts for signing up for this class. I’m not lying, you can ask him. I felt like a fish out of water for much of the class. I think because I’m not used to being so unknowledgeable on a topic and I hated it. As the classes went on I realized that I could do it and started to make good connections with the material. What really got me was after my meeting with Jessica and Carmen they both told me how much I’d already helped them. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Seriously…me…helping you?!?! But I really did help and I’m proud of that.

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I truly hope that they find more tidbits on information in my project that they will use to help their content strategy. After getting to know them a bit, I think they will. Jessica seems like a sponge for good useful information and I think I gave her a bunch to use.

I got a tutorial on Google Analytics so I could speak somewhat intelligently on the topic. There’s so much to know there and I think I’ve got a good grasp on it. It’s an area that Jessica and Carmen could utilize more if they put some effort into it. Looking into the analytics I found that people aren’t going to her site from her social media posts and that bummed me out big time. She is working hard on those and there isn’t any response there.   The quick simple fix that I found was she’s never linking the site on her posts…EVER. If they ignore everything I wrote and just pick up on that, then I’ll consider this a success.

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Overall, I had an amazing experience working on this project and I really hope I helped them in even a small way.

Happy Holidays,


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