Throughout this class I have been challenged to really grasp what content management really is. Now that I developed a content strategy for Mellovelo bicycle shop I can say that is much simpler then everyone makes it out to be.

There are many elements to content strategy. These elements are used to ensure success. With the use of these elements you will be able to create. Through different aspects of your end product you can really entice people to want to keep using it. Some elements to content strategy are:

  • Design
    • The design is crucial because you want to have a balance between the content on your page
  • Structure
    • The product should be structured in a way that it will be easily usable for all people
  • Layout
    • The layout should be flushed out
    • There should be a balance of colors
  • Content
    • There needs to be a balance between words, video, and pictures on the screen

These key elements provide for a good product through content strategy.

Podcasts are great because they allow for readers to hear a voice behind the work that is being read. Companies like ESPN use podcasts for their radio shows to put the voices onto behind words.


Good Marketing 

  1. Entice customers
  2. Have a product that is related to your customers
  3. Write clearly so people will understand
  4. Make sure all grammar is correct
  5. Balance pictures to text writing

Those are some marketing ideas that will ensure a great end product to the consumer. When you want a customer to keep wanting your end product you have to provide something that is usable by them day in and day out. Through all of these different aspects of content strategy I can learn different methods.


  • Make sure to analyze every part of a website
  • Visuals are a great help to understanding content
  • Be open to talking to people who you are doing content strategy for

There are many ways to do content strategy and a content strategists need to be able to understand all valuable information. I think the panel we had for our last class really helped grasp all of these ideas on the business side of things.


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