Reflecting on Being Moderator

I wanted to just reflect on being moderator. It was a very interesting and fun week! I enjoyed being able to give some insight to the class. The highlight of being moderator was the ability to control the conversation. I could only imagine the feeling of having a blog or website with a huge following. Being able to lead the class in the week long discussion was awesome!

It was very cool to be able to voice my opinion and get the class thinking about topics that interested me, but it was frustrating at times. I wish there was more engagement overall. I felt that I posted interesting topics but that the minimal amount of students replied and interacted with my posts. I also felt that several students just were not interested in creating a conversation with my posts. Although this was hard at times, I was still motivated to create great content that was both relevant to the class and interesting to the students.

I did feel very rewarded knowing that the students that interacted daily were very appreciative and interested in the blog posts. I fully understand why some students were maybe not interested. I tried my best to interest every student though! I spent my fair share of time focusing on students who I knew were interested in joining the conversation.

One thing I learned was that keeping a conversation with people via a blog, or any online platform is very difficult. In fact, it is even more difficult to do EVERY SINGLE DAY! Some people have plans or strict schedules which just make it harder for those people to commit time each and every day to interacting with an online community.  Therefore, the overall job of interacting with students every day was very difficult.

Overall, I felt that I captured my audience’s attention regularly. As I reflect on this project, I wish we had to blog every other day. I feel that this would have enabled me to create a more effective strategy and overall weekly calendar that would have better interacted with the target audience. ¬†I know that several larger companies plan a monthly schedule and in fact, dont even blog everyday!

Melissa, Ben, Elisia, Ari, Laurie, and Kelly all commented on some of my posts. (Not sure if I am supposed to include Kelly)

Overall, it was a very exciting week filled with lots of participation and engagement. I would be a moderator again later in the semester.

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