Our Last Class :(

So the last class was bitter sweet for me.  Honestly, I’m usually super psyched about a last class but not so much with this one.  This semester went very quick for me and there’s been a ton to do in this last two weeks of the semester.  Having the panel at the end was a nice way to wrap things up but it could have been earlier in the semester for me to put things into perspective.  But that’s just me we are talking about!

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I was happy to meet everyone and if they hadn’t introduced themselves I think I could have picked our book’s author out from the crowd.  She dropped those all important terms we learned about this semester effortlessly in her conversations with us.

I love that common thread all the panelists have which is passion in what they do. Whether is was Georgy doing nerdy things cause she likes to do nerdy things or Margot who seems to be able to perfectly describe just about anything and is certainly an expert in the field.

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Nikita as well with her immense current event knowledge.  I never really thought about the major news outlets and how they are distributing their content to their users.  Currently it seems like it’s all about how fast you can get it out to the user but there’s also the where and how that I never put a lot of thought into.  Sometimes I wonder how people keep up with how fast things are changing.

This class has been a lot of fun for me since it isn’t the typical setting or a typical topic for me. I’ve learned about this whole new world of professionals out there working on things that the everyday person has no idea about. Week by week it became clear to me not only how important a content strategy is to a company but also how incredibly important it is to find a good content strategist to guide the way.

I’m incredibly appreciative whenever I have a chance to meet and talk with experts in any field.  I find this type of interaction so helpful and the iSchool is generally good about giving their students this type of opportunity.Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.37.44 PM

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