Is User Generated Content Taking Over?

With so many people writing their own blogs, tweeting the news, and spreading viral videos and images, I ask you – Is user generated content taking over?


But before we dip deep into this, lets define user generated content

According to “UGC 101: Guide to User-Generated Content Marketing” user-generated content is defined as “anything on the web that users have had a hand in making.” To me, this feels like practically everything today!

Today, there are several ways to create user generated content. Here are some examples:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook posts
  • Reviews online
  • Videos
  • Forums
  • Podcasts

These are just a few of the several ways that content is created by users today.

Users create content in all different ways on several different platforms. It is especially interesting how brands and companies take user generated content and apply it to their content to help benefit the company. Brands have been creating hashtags that are unique to their brand to help create and curate user generated content.


Take this ad campaign from LuLuLemon for example. They created the #thesweatlife as a way to bring their “offline experience to the online community.” This hashtag was so effective that it drove users to send more than 7,000 photos via Instagram and Twitter and more than 40,000 unique visitors since launch.

If brands are smart, they can seriously cash in by curating user generated content. I can only imagine the increase in sales from having such an effective campaign.

So what can other brands do to replicate the success of LuLuLemon?

The answer is simple: Just ask your customers for help.


By asking your customers for help, they are likely going to support a brand they love. Some effective ways to ask are by creating contents which ask the customers to send in a photo using a specific hashtag. This can be effective in getting your brand to spread through word of mouth and also in getting new marketing materials and images from actual customers.

These contests don’t necessarily need to run through your website but can be promoted through other blogs or forums. This may even be effective in helping reach more users.

So I ask you…Where do you read your content from? Is the majority from other users? And if you are a business, what types of contents worked for you in creating the most user generated content? One thing is for sure… UGC is t

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