Group Moderator

It was very entertaining acting as the group moderator. As you have the biggest responsibility for the week, you are the class leader. Being the class leader entitles you to talk about different article regarding to content management in the news as well keep the conversation flowing. This was probably the most important part of being the moderator. I decided to speak about how the use of mobile devices fuels the content management industry today. As we are all always on the go having mobile content is a major key to success.

Whenever groups of people get together, two things are usually true:

1. Everyone sees the world differently, no matter how similar their points of view may be.

2. Everyone thinks their view is the right one

Ten tips to being a great group moderator are:

  1. Be Neutral and Objective
  2. Create a nice environment
  3.  Be clear
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Be Prepared
  6. Encourage Conversation
  7. Be able to think of two things at once
  8. Be focused
  9. Be Timely
  10. Be Fun

These are some key guidelines of what you should follow as being a good group moderator/blogger for the week. The moderator really need to understand his/her group to be able to know the academic level they are at. This will make for smooth talk throughout the group.


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