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IST 500: Online Content Strategy and Application
(AKA #ContentStratClass)

Syllabus (Graduate):

A) Class Basics

Fall Semester: August 25 – December 25 2014  / Final due December 12 2014

Class times via Google+ Hangout on Air via a link from Jenn Pedde


Class held via Google Hangout Tuesdays at 7pm EST



Kelly Lux                                             Jenn Pedde

@Kellylux                                          @JPedde

kalux@syr.edu                                              jmpedde@syr.edu

by appointment                                by appointment

*Office Hours will take place in the Google+ Content Class Community Group via a Google+ Hangout and will not be recorded.


Where:       Online, Google+

Google+ Community Group (Only students will be allowed in)

Course Description
Web consumers are looking for valuable content online that helps them solve problems, connect them to others, educate and entertain them.  Companies leverage content for a variety of reasons – sales, thought leadership, brand awareness, community building, etc. A successful content strategy uses stories in ways that engage, inspire and/or educate their target audience.  In this course we’ll discuss how you can optimize your website and social media outlets with content created for the digital age while understanding the best practices and tools used to create online content in short and long form. We’ll talk about how content is created for websites, blogs, social media and a variety of other outlets.  We’ll also disucuss managing content through its lifecycle and how to use and reuse it in various ways.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students are expected to understand:

  • The foundations and theory behind content strategy for the web
  • How to plan for the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content
  • What makes for good web content
  • How to Structure a Content Strategy Team
  • How to define the audience for your branded content
  • Understand how SEO and Keyword Targeting fit into a content strategy
  • How to undertake an audit of current web content and plan for new web content
  • How to repurpose web content for a variety of platforms
  • How to measure your web content efforts
  • How visual content plays a role in today’s online landscape and how to create it
  • The processes involved in utilizing freelancers, agencies, and design firms for content


At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to:

  • Apply the concepts of Content Strategy for the web
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what makes good web content
  • Create web content based on the principles of Content Strategy
  • Conduct an audit of current web content and make recommendations for new content
  • Demonstrate an understanding of SEO and Keyword Targeting principles
  • Provide recommendations for repurposing content across platforms
  • Demonstrate an ability to analyze data and select appropriate metrics for measuring the success of online content.

What does it take to succeed in this course?

  • An interest and passion for online content, journalism, marketing, UX/UI, and/or analytics
  • Excellent communication, organization, strategic, and planning skills
  • A basic understanding of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr and website backend platforms such as WordPress
  • Willingness and ability to interact with a diverse set of populations online and offline

C) Required Texts

  • The required texts are available through Amazon, or the author’s website.
  • Additional readings will be available in Blackboard, library databases, or the open web.
  • If the option exists, these books can be purchased either in print form or ebook.

Content Strategy For the Web

Second Edition

Author: Kristina Halvorson, Melissa Rach

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Content-Strategy-Work-Real-world-Interactive/dp/0123919223


Content Strategy at Work

Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project

Author: Margot Bloomstein

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Content-Strategy-Web-Kristina-Halvorson/dp/0321620062

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