Theres a lot that goes into a great blog. Writing a blog is easy… writing a GREAT blog is hard. Very hard! A great blog contains a unique writing style, a great catchy title, an easy to read format, and important content that your readers will care about.

Here are 4 must haves for your blog:

  1. Obviously a catchy title is crucial. This was mentioned in every article that we read this past week. An extremely interesting fact that I read was from the article, “Blogging: 34 Things Your Doing Wrong,” written by, Yvonne Lyons. She said, “Eight out of 10 people will read a headline but only two out of 10 will continue after that, so that headline better be good.” It is so important to have a title that makes the reader say, “I must read that,” because without a great title, the reader will never get to read your great content. I feel Elite Daily does a  very effective job at creating catchy titles. Take this blog post title from Elite Daily for example. “17 Things Weighing You Down That You Need To Let Go Of If You Want To Fly.” This title makes me curious and even excited with the ending, “If You Want To Fly.” Obviously I would want to fly, so this article is very interesting to me.

    Great Title Example From Elite Daily

    Great Title from Elite Daily

  2. Your writing style must be written in web format. When writing a blog, people often forget that blogging is a unique style of writing. Paragraphs should not be long and word choice should not be complicated. In “Blogging: 34 Things Your Doing Wrong”written by, Yvonne Lyons, she explains that it is important to make a clear point, have an organized structure, split up by bullet points or images, and to write about an exciting topic. In “DM Best Practices Writing for the Web,” written by DM Consulting Services, it says that having a scannable layout can improve usability by 47%. So what should you make sure to do in order to have a great blog written in an effective format? Dm Consulting Services explains that web users “scan pages,” “pick out key words and phrases,” and are “action oriented.” Therefore, users should make sure to divide their content up in an organized fashion and include bullet points and pictures.
    Layout on Elite Daily

    Layout on Elite Daily

    Take this image above for example. This is a great layout on a blog that jumps from action based content, an image, and then remaining content.

  3. Have Focus. It is so important to have focus in your blog post. You can’t capture a whole target market, so have extreme focus and try to capture as many readers as possible who enjoy your content. For example, if my blog post will focus on improving your quality of life, the blog should only focus on this! There should not be any other unnecessary content. In the article, “The Ultimate Guide to Blogging” written by Joe Pulizzi, Joe writes, “Figure out who is buying what you’re selling and write a blog post for them. Now, you may have different audiences you’re trying to reach, so you may need to change who this target audience is from post to post. But be sure each individual blog post is consistent from start to finish.” I think this is so important as many writers try to capture everyone in one story and that is just not going to happen.
    A very Focused Blog

    A very Focused Blog

    Clearly the blog above has extreme focus and is targeted towards males or females who have been cheated on. In this blog post you won’t read anything that doesn’t apply to just that. All blogs need to have that type of focus to best impact the reader.

  4. SEO and Keyword Integration are crucial. “Keyword research and integration can have a big impact search engine rankings and traffic” says, Joe Pulizzi.  It is important to search for the most popular used words and apply these to your blog for maximum readership.

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